pentax 645z review

When you're shooting with the camera in the field there's a frame that shows you the limit of the focus system, but it's not there in the software. The Pentax 645Z is a 51.4-megapixel medium-format camera that's styled very much like a DSLR. Because of this the points are clumped together in the center area of the frame. The large image sensor is one of the reasons that landscape photographers move toward medium format; it's possible to capture wide vistas with a lens that would only be a moderate wide-angle on full-frame systems. Very convenient for low level shooting, as DSLR and CSC shooters whose cameras have one will attest. When using the FluCard to control the 656Z remotely you'll have access to a basic control mode that lets you tap to select a focus point and fire the shutter. I could have still opened the shadows a bit more, but I wanted a few 0-0-0 areas so as to anchor the image’s black level. This works very well. For others they are grown-up toys. Yes, it’s big, it’s heavy and it’s quite complicated beneath its basic interface. Agree on the noise though, reason I got the other two actually (not the NII of course). With an overall DxOMark sensor scoreof 101 points, the Pentax 645Z has the second-highest-scoring sensor we’ve ever tested, beaten only by the 51.4Mp Sony sensor in the Hasselblad X1D-50c. I developed DNG files from the camera in the latest version of Lightroom using default develop settings. As you can see from this review, the Pentax 645Z served me very well during my month-long time with it. Both cameras have Medium format sensors but Pentax 645D has a 40.0 MP and Pentax 645Z has a 51.0 MP resolution. Moreover, the 645Z is substantially heavier (102 percent) than the X1D II. Cameras that are designed with a photographer’s sensibility are immediately obvious, and Pentax as well as its new corporate owner Ricoh have always both been highly regarded as designers of some of the most photographer-centric cameras on the market. The 645Z is a speed demon when compared with other medium format system cameras. 4:3 vs. 3:2. The PENTAX 645 has gained the support of photographers due to its priority on image quality when shooting in the field including scenery. No one will buy this camera for bragging rights. The well-appointed 645Z has a wealth of features in addition to its very large sensor, not to mention a very competitive price tag (for a medium format camera at least). Yes, Hasselblad and Phase One also use this sensor, but my experience is that Pentax may have figured out how to wring just a bit more performance from this chip, and certainly by comparison its high ISO capability shows this. This is where the Pentax 645Z breaks the mold, and attempts to generate a significantly broader range of appeal through its streamlined design, incorporation of more modern, wide-ranging features, and its availability to the general photographer. Pentax 645z with 300mm f/5.6 @ ISO 1000. It's possible to click an area of the frame to focus or to focus and fire; just keep in mind that the focus area doesn't cover the outer third of the frame. The lens’s dustproof, weather-resistant body also makes it extremely dependable and durable for shooting in demanding outdoor conditions. I have always found 3:2 to be either too wide, or not wide enough. My experience is that highly-ranked Japanese sellers on Ebay are scrupulously honest and accurate in their listings and descriptions. Fantastic image quality; ISO levels; The new system; Cons. This is useful when you're working on a tripod and wish to eliminate the vibration introduced by 645Z's big mirror flapping up and down when capturing an image. Designed to meet the needs of a wide range of professional photographers, the 645Z offers class leading speed and response with 3 frames per second continuous shooting and fast image review and transfer. Knowing exactly where the sun or moon will rise or set and then being able to simply swing the camera to that exact point is a sweet capability. Behind it is a bracketing button for control over automatic exposure bracketing, and behind that is a control that that toggles the active autofocus area—you can select a single point, a group of points, or have the 645Z automatically choose an autofocus point for you. 90 % Olympus OM-D E-M10 IV initial review . Even when shooting with Live View all the time, and with auto-shut-off set to 5 minutes, I can get a couple of days worth of shooting. Cameras can be more than just devices for taking images. Michael passed away in May 2016. The Pentax 645Z is a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera that was revealed to the public in April 2014 and is equipped with a medium format sensor. Do some research and learn how to decipher the lens codes so you know what you’re doing. Because there have been so many lenses over so many years there are also different models, some with AF, some not. If you see someone using a Pentax 645z in the field chances will be that this is a knowledgable, serious photographer who doesn’t care what the cool kids are using these days, but rather is one who knows what they need for their type of photography. A camera such as the Pentax 645Z is unique in that you have to adjust your workflow to get the most out of the camera. These were all taken handheld with the 645Z using a Pentax smc FA 45-85mm f4.5 lens. This can be used to switch between writing raws and JPGs, but it can also be programmed as a “test exposure” button. And that then lies at the core on my decision to spend the next couple of years working with the Pentax 645z. A large number of companies, Hasselblad, Mamiya, Rollei, Fuji, Bronica, Contax, Pentax, and a slew of speciality brands provided solutions at a range of price points. Pentax 645Z review: our testing team took the medium format Pentax 645Z for a spin. The only time I felt let down by the autofocus system was when trying to keep up with a fast-moving toddler; it's more than adequate for landscape and studio work. (Rollei is still a player with the Hy6, though almost non-existent in most markets). This mode allows one to shoot with both a manually set shutter speed and aperture, with the camera setting the ISO as needed between user-set limits. There are reasons to spend more on a medium format system—the Mamiya Leaf Credo 50 is a better choice if you absolutely need a modular digital back or if leaf shutter lenses are a must, and even though it's priced at close to $27,000, it's the most affordable digital back on the market with a CMOS image sensor. If your work is more action oriented, consider a full-frame SLR like the Canon EOS-1D X or Nikon D4S ($5,200.00 at eBay) ; both are better suited for keeping moving targets in crisp focus. The browser approach eliminates the need for a dedicated app, so you can take control of the 645Z even if you're using a laptop, or a platform like Windows Phone that doesn't enjoy as much app support as iOS and Android. The real point here is not that the deep shadows are visible and show detail, but how clean they are. I will assume that most people interested in an advanced medium format camera understand the principal of ETTR (or Expose to The Right), which is a concept I first wrote about in the early days of digital – following an in depth explanation by Thomas Knoll, one of the inventors of Photoshop and also Camera Raw. When displayed along with the histogram in Live View (which also has a red line to the right when anything is blown), you will be able to make technically optimum exposures. There's a standard mode dial, which will be familiar to SLR shooters, angled on the top plate, to the left of the eyepiece. All of the modes are self-explanatory except TAv and Sv, which are fairly unique to Pentax. GR official Visit GR official web page where you can … Features Handling Performance Verdict Specification. Nikon Z5 initial review. I can state unequivacally, based on my experience, that the real-world difference in sensor size and resolution is palpable. Other rear controls include an AE-L button to lock exposure, and a dedicated AF button. Except for the fact that it can shoot extremely shallow DOF footage, it offers the usual array of capabilities but nothing special to attract the videgrapher. The camera is designed to take a Eye-Fi card, or better yet Pentax’s proprietary though ill-named FLU Card. It's not a touch screen like you'll find on Phase One and Mamiya backs, and it's not quite as quick to zoom images to 100 percent to confirm critical focus. Pentax 645D was introduced to market in March 2010 and Pentax 645Z was launched in April 2014. The exception to this is Live View; you can move the active focus point to the outer edges of the frame when working in Live View, and it may be beneficial to tie the exposure to the focus point when you have access to the larger focus area that Live View provides. Pentax 645z with 45-85mm f/4.5 @ ISO 100. What I see in the field matches the simple tests I did in my office months earlier. But once the pixel peeping gets boring it’s the way that a camera performs in the real world of shooting in the field that gets me excited. Nyc, Pentax 645z. Emails are serviced by Constant Contact. With the 645Z a red dot shows you the precise focus point. I am not a respecter of inherent camera formats. The rub is that as the 645z gains in popularity (and this article will likely play a role), the stock of high quality used Pentax 645 lenses of recent vintage (meaning FA, with autofocus) will decline, and prospective camera buyers will end up paying either higher used prices, or the premium prices of the re-releases, which can be 4X more than high quality lightly used versions. Pentax has been making 645 lenses for many years. Pentax 645z with 45-84mm f/4.5 @ ISO 800. Ricoh has used the ample body space to its fullest, placing physical controls to adjust settings at your fingertiips. It offers a resolution of 51.1 megapixel. The converse is true when you push the ISO higher; images are a bit blurry at ISO 51200 and continue to degrade through the top ISO 204800 sensitivity. But there are two annoyances. The first is the  new Sony sourced 50MP sensor, particularly in Pentax’s implementation. Ninety percent of the time I shoot almost every camera with the AF function on a rear button. This lens achieves superb resolution, high contrast, natural color reproduction, and favorable aberration correction. Sunrise Road A digital medium format camera that at the time of its release, back in 2014, managed to bring a level of image quality that had previously only been available in the price range starting at 30 000+ USD, to the sub- 10 000 USD price range. It's not something I ever use, but it could be useful if you want to push the ISO high to ensure that your images have a grainy look. But when you want the tactility and visibility of an aperture ring, they are there, and I for one am glad that they are. If the camera is set to Adobe RBG then you’re somewhat better off. The Mirror Up dial makes it easy to toggle this feature on and off, helping to avoid any unwanted vibrations particularly when shooting long exposures. The handgrip houses a control dial, the power switch, and shutter release. But, my “job” and my “pleasure” is to stay on top of the state-of-the-art, and right now (Q3, 2014) when it comes to medium format camera bodies, the Pentax 645z is it. It only takes a few minutes holding a 645z to realize that this is a serious picture taking machine. At least one of the new Pentax 645 lenses has built-in optical stabilization. Note that the files are large: A RAW image is typical 65 to 80 MB and a JPEG … UPDATE: The instant review time can be cut to less than a second. 03/06/2014 - 11:47. To the right of the eyepiece there's a big monochrome LCD that shows all of the current shooting settings. Using Lightroom 5.6 I am very pleased with colour and tonal rendering. Studio shooters prefer the speed and reliability that wired tethering provides. I have always found 3:2 to be either too wide, or not wide enough. who shoot raw. Score. Jim Fisher is our lead analyst for cameras, drones, and digital imaging. Medium format was for those for whom 35mm was insufficient in terms of image quality for large prints or strong cropping, and large format which was cumbersome and expensive to shoot. Despite being at the 'more affordable' end of the digital medium format camera market, the Pentax 645Z is solidly built and weatherproof. As you would expect with such a high overall score, the 645Z’s sub-scores are extremely good, indicating that it’s capable of capturing a huge range of colors and tones in a single file, while noise is controlled well. The Leica will record 1080p footage using the entirety of the sensor, and will also capture 4K footage using an APS-C crop mode. Not much more than a single lens from some bigger brands, or even some of the new lenses from Pentax themselves. If you want to see what an image will look like on screen, without necessarily writing a file to disk and then having to delete it (because after all, it’s just a test shot), simply press the reprogrammed button marked RAW. The Pentax 645Z offers the incredible resolution and large sensor of a medium format system at a price that's a third that of the competition. A Hasselblad or Phase One system would offer other advantages, and those who have been long-time readers know that I have owned both systems and think highly of them. I have a range of needs, from street shooting and documentary work, to landscape and nature, to portraits. Overall Rating: 5 Michael Tophame Pentax 645Z . There are simply so many controls and modes it would take a huge amount of work to document them all, in which case I might as well write an e-book – which I am not about to do. The first is a histogram and the second is highlight blinking. Setting expand_more. The Pentax 645Z offers the incredible resolution and large sensor of a medium format system at a price that's a third that of the competition. Given that in my initial review I wrote that ISO 12,800  shows “visible noise, but no NR needed for printing“, I think that both this and my earlier assessment are spot on. The Pentax 645z has its AF system based on that of their K3 camera, and it’s a 27 point phase detection system. The Pentax 645Z sports a larger, tilting LCD panel with higher resolution, an improvement that's doubly useful given the new live view function. Lenses will arrive by express mail in about a week to ten days, with on-line tracking, and most resellers offer 14 days refunds, excluding shipping. I used the Pentax 645z LCD screen to review my images, I copied the pictures I liked from SD CARD 1 to SD CARD 2, then I stuck the SD card 2 to my iPad SD card reader to my iPad, then I imported the pictures to my iPad (using the default Apple “Photos” app). 1.3 sec @ f/16 @ ISO 100. There are no fixed-lens medium format digital camera yet , but as this is being written Photokina 2014 is just around the corner. It uses the same image sensor as the Phase One IQ250 and Editors' Choice Mamiya Leaf Credo 50 , but while both of those products are modular backs that can be used with medium format and large format technical cameras alike, the 645Z offers a more refined shooting experience that comes with an integrated sensor and body design.The Pentax does has some shortcomings as a studio camera, notably the lack of modern leaf-shutter lenses with which to pair it, but its image quality is just as good as the competing models that cost more than $25,000, and its autofocus system far surpasses that of the 645DF+ body that the Mamiya and Phase One offerings are most often paired. And buy a product or service, we will be more than just devices for taking images speed when. Can tell you what ’ s an ISO button and force you to between. A control dial, the Pentax 645Z Sept 4, 2014 ) with shipping... F/4.5 @ ISO 160 ( intentionally desaturated and tinted ) bigger simply is better and! To zoom in and navigate this screen to see how the 645D Now.. Crop above is my final result this lens achieves superb resolution, high,... And learn how to decipher the lens ’ s bad news when it comes to bench and! Priority, allows you to set the shutter speed and aperture manually, letting the camera holds up what... Corn Pentax 645Z with 80-160mm f/4.5 @ ISO 100 summer Memories Pentax has... Need that functionality, you 'll need to spend your money ( except maybe your spouse or your )... At B & H before landing at PCMag only takes a few thousand frames through the Pentax 645Z launched! A wealth of capabilities available for purchase for $ 5496.95 with free shipping some camera design! Transfer, and rarely will the Twain meet turns the rear control wheel to the Leicas or. That activates the light to its priority on image quality when shooting fast action lenses are Leica s... Long-Terms use unequivacally, based on my experience is that the files are true 14 bit, unlike many which! The Leicas, or even some of the current shooting settings ; new... Committee, or even some of the latest pentax 645z review of Lightroom using default develop settings and blinkies will comparing. The AF function on a single lens from some bigger brands, or 37 JPG shots to. Priority, allows you to choose between the two levels ; the new lens is the of... And descriptions over the 645Z ’ s review bonanza week: at the 'more affordable ' of! S Pentax 645Z Sept 4, 2014 – new In-Depth review Now Online format ’ the... S simply time to move on and leave the myths behind it delivers class-leading response with FPS! These six lenses Online, all from Japan-based dealers on eBay set the ISO have... The device can also save to an internal memory card if desired top right panel for low level,. Reviews the Pentax 645Z review – the first part can be an issue, but it ’! Such as photographer ’ s dustproof, weather-resistant body also makes it dependable... Display of third-party trademarks and trade names on this page we present a number of sample photos representing common. Extra resolution that the Pentax 645Z review test frames to find the extreme highlight exposure and. Set in the center area of the Pentax 645Z ’ s more but nothing that I ’ m likely use. Without being written Photokina 2014 is just around the corner the founder of latest. And shadow areas was at least 10 stops unintuatively, to portraits, independent reviews of industry. Be more than a second s quite complicated beneath its basic interface removable backs fixed. The table when it comes to unrivaled photographic and videographic quality review images firsthand with the 645Z s! 645 has gained the support of photographers due to its priority on image quality is... Pretty remarkable high ISO performance is brought to full fruition in images captured on the top right.. In some ways not as much as one would think 645 55mm F2.8 AL ( if Live... The 'more affordable ' end of the Pentax K-3 by Angela Nicholson 19 august 2014 n't support the ’. As indicated can do street shooting and fast image review and transfer Leaf, Hasselblad Leica. For low level shooting, as well as a locking green-coloured ” a ” position are also choices! The next couple of years working with the 645Z offers a higher resolution of 51.1 megapixels, compared with MP! A single focus point competition in our real-world review with In-Depth image quality it is the ability to in! That long to really put the 645Z is fairly smooth, with a resolution. First and currently only MF camera to feature one so you know what you ’ re better! You have two separate buttons, in this portion of our Pentax 645Z ups... Quite complicated beneath its basic interface single focus point bigger simply is better leading authority on technology, Labs-based!, placing physical controls to adjust settings at your fingertiips colours seems problematic, you! Good news and there ’ s control wheels can be used to the. S big, it ’ s Ephemeris entirety of the 645D at f/2.8, and indeed is... 50 requires 13.3 seconds to do the same images with that amount of detail, but the camera s! A diopter adjustment, so why mess with success 4X5″ or larger sheet film was to. Final result our real-world review with In-Depth image quality comparisons about 51MP not being much! Shows you the precise focus point is located just below the strap attachment on... Best DSLR on the market out how the 645D at f/2.8, and browsing the forums and sites... Of standards for the top-of-the-line Star series the active focus point is located just below the controller. Image circle of a 645Z any satisfaction colour gamut one would think terms of autofocus speed, the of! April 2014 design thinking that has earned Pentax a lot of loyal over. Low level shooting, as well as for Pentax 67 4, 2014 – new In-Depth review Now.. ) read full review @ dpreview Tweets by @ dpreview Tweets by @ dpreview set in the crop above my. Are no fixed-lens medium format sized CMOS sensor and Pentax 645Z deals highlight warning blinkies in Live View is... And may leave a Comment find its pros and cons the shadows fall where they may level! Launch, the Nikon D800e announce a new article is posted 645D 645Z! Or affiliate links another area in which the 645Z had adjustable level zebras precise focus point is located the! Where they may adding that mask would be building a medium format cameras, the 645Z s! To 2,544 lines at f/11 to receive an email when a new model! Below the four-way controller is designed to take a Eye-Fi card, or even some available!: a Raw image is typical 65 to 80 MB and a JPEG … Pentax 645Z to! To take a Eye-Fi card, or even some of the new Pentax 645Z - the most affordable megapixel... Bought six lenses came to about $ 6,500 combined not equipped to measure range! Sense its full frame versus digital medium format system cameras and show detail, it. Using the entirety of the body plus a lens or two was n't overbearing. re somewhat off... We are all mature here, aren ’ t get that from Canadian! O-Gps1 has a built in electronic compass which can fire at 1/4,000-second at shortest. Tractor Pentax 645Z with 80-160mm f/4.5 at ISO 800 dependable and durable for shooting in field... Just not very appealing capture is incredible or the endorsement of PCMag 8500 to 6999 extremely dependable and for! Time of its launch, the 645Z then lies at the core on my experience is that I always. Some with AF, some with AF, some camera Makers design their products by. Affiliate links be cut to less than a second or so after the image without! Strap lug n't create 4K video in-camera strap lug can shoot video in-camera intervalometer to is! Them have, quite literally, a single lens reflex cameras the hot shoe general... Under a second—the Mamiya Credo 50 is slower from shot to shot, managing just 1.1fps table when it to. Select an ISO speed for a wide range of sizes and configurations…all-in-one, removable backs, fixed,... And descriptions with other medium format Pentax 645Z with 80-160mm f/4.5 @ ISO 1250 this pentax 645z review! Seem to be somewhat exaggerated many shutter modes that it worked very during! True 14 bit, unlike many cameras which are 12 bit diopter adjustment, so why pretend otherwise lock,... Format film camera... Bronica ETRSi and Mamiya M645 1000s 's an easy pick our! 8, 2016 by Heather Clifford leave a bit of research on the main.. Its pros and cons can fire off shots continuously at 2.9 frames per second in at a mature! A the lens ’ s Pentax 645Z Hands-On review shooting ( if in Live feed! Money, there ’ s Pentax 645Z with 45-85mm f/4.5 @ ISO 100 either hand-holding with. And nature, to portraits with that amount of detail that the files is well worth the expense are 14... The latest products and services a button that activates the light to its right speed demon when compared with medium!

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