tradition of eating on banana leaf

Some Tamilians follow the tradition of eating on Banana Leaf even today. Serving food on banana leaf is a tradition in several south Indian states. 2. It has become my biggest hobby. In several south Indian states, it is traditional to serve food on banana leaves. The chlorophyll in the leaves prevents intestinal ulcer and skin disease. Whatever functions or gathering it may be, food is served in the wide banana leaves. Banana leaves have a waxy coating that has a subtle and distinct flavour. Banana Leaf: You have often seen people eating food on banana leaves, especially in the states of South India. Serving food on a banana leaf is very hygienic. But I am sure precautions have to be taken in every practice no matter how reliable it is or appears to be. Blogging has changed my life. And, the general section of articles on my blog relate to my interests in life. It cleanses the blood. Why should food be eaten with hand? Eating on banana leaves is healthy in every way. Eating sustenance on a banana leaf is viewed as healthy. Especially take care to do this if you are taking part in a communal meal where everyone shares food from a single leaf. Yes! Eating on banana leaves is an age old Indian tradition, however its benefits are relevant even today. Though you cannot eat the banana leaf, eating the food on it adds that extra traditional flavour to your cuisine. When hot rice is put on … Learn how your comment data is processed. They are rich in polyphenols, an antioxidant which is very helpful for human body. In a few south Indian states, it is customary to serve nourishment on banana takes off. In the cuisines of Asia, Africa and South America, banana leaves serve as wrappers to keep rice, meat or fish and other foods moist during cooking. Regionally, the tradition varies from not wasting food on one's plate, to only eating what one feels like and leaving the rest. This wax-like coating releases a pleasant aroma and infuses an extra flavor into your food. Then other curries, after that hot rice is served. The leaves are a symbol of fertility and prosperity in the Hindu religion. Scientifically, eating is purely a sensory experience and it is said to evoke emotions and passion. It’s used even in Caribbean, Central American and Mexican cuisines. This video clearly explains each and every benefit of eating in a Banana Leaf. There are lots of benefits for this. Happy reading to you all! The scriptures reveal how every finger is an extension of the five elements. Serving food on banana leaf is a tradition in several south Indian states. Balinese Hindus prepare banana leaf as the container for floral offerings called canang dedicated for deities and gods. Traditionally eat food on banana leaf must eat on a banana leaf must eat on a banana leaf traditionally served on a banana leaf When hot food is placed on the leaves, the edible wax melts and lends its flavour to the food, making it taste better. Here in Singapore, the widely popular practice of eating from a banana leaf can be traced back to The Banana Leaf Apolo. The range of job designations and experience of working in diverse roles has given me strength to think, help people, increase customer satisfaction, promote products, and off course build brands. 2:40. Everyone sits together on the floor and eats with their hands. Earlier it was used on daily basis but that slowly diminished to use it during only on Special occasions. In Malaysian and Singapore cuisine, banana leaves are used to wrap certain dishes called kuih and otak-otak. South Indian cuisine is traditionally served on a banana leaf, especially in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Odisha and also in the Northern and Eastern parts of Sri Lanka. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. What started as a tradition down in South India thousands of years ago is now also proving to be a healthy trend. Every job taught me something or the other. When I look back at my career, in some jobs I excelled, in some I continued with odds. If you are eating at a place where the hygiene standards are questionable, you are much better off eating from a banana leaf than from a plate that has not been cleansed suitably. Banana leaves are also used to wrap several kinds of snacks. Apart from, eating food on banana leaves is environment-friendly. Adds to the taste. Banana leaves are therefore used by Hindus and Buddhists as a decorative element for auspicious functions, marriages, and ceremonies in southern India and Southeast India. This is called Kamayan. Why should food be eaten with hand? It stimulates appetite and helps digest food. See more ideas about Boodle fight, Food, Filipino recipes. Mar 17, 2017 - Explore Janet Reyes's board "Traditional Filipino Food on banana leaves" on Pinterest. Banana leaves degrades quickly and requires little water for cleaning. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It was only later when I found that the tradition of eating not only from banana plantains but most leaves is a tradition that dates back centuries. India has a long-standing tradition of serving food on banana leaves. Banana leaves were used to offer food to Hindu deities, especially during festivals. Banana leaves are also used in some ayurvedic medicinal preparations. Eating on a banana leaf had been a tradition in Southern most parts of India. My blog is wide-ranging manifestation of the way I think. Earlier, banana leaves were commonly used to eat food instead of plates. Banana is served along, it serves as a compliment to the puddings and solidifies the dessert (To make it stay on the leaf). Thai people will celebrate this on the full-moon day of the twelfth lunar month. Malay foods such as nasi-lemak are also commonly wrapped with banana leaves before being wrapped with newspaper, as banana leaves add fragrance to the rice. I have a PhD in Marketing Management from University of Pune, a post doctoral D.Litt (Doctor of letters) from Mumbai University in strategic management. Over the course of my life, I have done all possible jobs that one can think of – front desk assistant, telephone operator, clerical work, accounts assistant, inventory officer, sales woman, sales manager, tutor, lecturer, professor, director...etc. There is a proper way to eat with your hands; every Filipino knows it. Scientifically, eating is purely a sensory experience and it is said to evoke emotions and passion. Huge amounts of food are put in the middle of the table. Is fine by me as far as I understand it. A typical South Indian feast is, for the most part, served on a banana leaf. Banana leaf as the Indian food pyramid ... South Indian Tradition and Benefits of Eating Food on Banana Leaves #southindian - Duration: 2:40. The celebration was meant to pay respect to the Mother of Water called Phra Mae Kong Kha by floating a krathong on a body of water. 4) Eating on Banana Leaves adds Pleasant Flavour & Aroma The fresh banana leaves have a very thin wax coating which melts when hot food is served on it. Banana leaf is from nature and by using banana leaf you are limiting the use of plastic or other substances that are not good for the environment. This Is Why You Must Eat On A Banana Leaf, India has a long-standing tradition of serving food on banana leaves, These thick leaves are big enough to serve a multi-course meal, Food when served on banana leaves gets enriched with several nutrients, 7 Immunity-Boosting Juices For Winter Diet; Stay Healthy And Enjoy The Lovely Weather, Happy Vishu 2020: Vishu Sadhya, Kerala's Grand New Year Feast, Payasam - The Best Way To End A Traditional South Indian Meal. Eating food in banana leaf is a tradition of South Indians, Having food in leaf has a nice aroma and also has numerous health benefits. Here's What The Ancient Practice Of Sprinkling Water Around Food Meant! Especially people of South India use Banana leaves in a higher ratio than the north. The consumption of food on banana leaves is very beneficial for health. A banana leaf is filled with antioxidants named polyphenol which can fight serious illnesses, mainly cancer. In South Indian states it is traditional to serve food on banana leaves. Banana leaves are the traditional method of serving food even in Philippine cuisine , with rice and other dishes laid out on large banana leaves similar to buffet  and everyone partaking using their bare hands. Food on Banana Leaves: Different traditions are prevalent in every region of India. Blogging has been a recent addition and am loving it. The most important form of music was the Carnatic music which considered only for the elite who could understand the intricacy of music. 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